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Who We Are

BCOSA is an organization comprised of people who are interested bluewater sailing and navigation, in particular celestial navigation.

What We Do

We organize courses for people who want to learn to do celestial navigation — mostly by live video conferencing software. There are not many traditional navigators about in the world. The Internet helps the few of us there are to stay connected with each other, and to advance in our skills.

When the mood strikes us, some of us go sailing together.

What Does a BCOSA Course Look Like?

Click here to see the outline of the course taught in January/February, 2018.

Maximum class size = 5 students.

How Much Does a Course Cost?

$500 CDN for 30 hours of live, video-conferenced class, which includes textbook and reference materials (Nautical Almanac, Pub. 249) shipped anywhere in the world.

If you would like to explore other opportunities for learning celestial, do consider these.

Are There Any Other Expenses?


Classes will be fully interactive, so if your computer does not already have a webcam and microphone, you will need to purchase those items for yourself.

You will need basic navigational plotting tools, such as drafting compass, protractor, and parallel rule. If you do not already own these, your instructor will make some recommendations from Amazon.

There is always a bit of a mental hurdle for learners as they try to visualize the 3-dimensional earth using drawings on 2-dimensional paper or computer screen. So while not essential, if you have a 12" globe of the earth, you will find it helpful to you as you try and visualize Great Circle routes, and the navigational triangle.

If you don't already have one, you may want to purchase a sextant. Click here for a discussion about that.

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